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#hard # hard dependency
depends on A with C and glib-2

optional dependency
optional_depends gtk+-3 "--with-gtk" "--without-gtk" "GTK support"

# multi optional dependency
optional_depends Sphinx,MarkupSafe "--with-documentation" "--without-documentation" "build PySide documentation"

# optdep dependency
depends on B but B requires D and E

depend A
optional_depend B "desc" "--opt-x" "--opt-y"
depend_with A C
depend_with B D E

#alternative syntax
depens A 
"pango with C
optional_depend B "desc" "--opt-x" "--opt-y" with D E

#if we only support this for hard deps
#hard dep on A with C

# optional optdep dependency
depends A C
optional_depend B "desc" "--opt-x" "--opt-y"
"gtk+-3 with gobject-introspection" "--with-introspection" "--without-introspection" "build gdk-pixbuf introspection modules"

# multi various optional dependency
optional_depends "libX11 with xf86bigfontproto,%JPEG,libXpm" "--with-xpce" "--without-xpce" "build SWI-Prolog graphical IDE"

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